Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Anniversary of "Summorum Pontificum"

Three years ago today, Pope Benedict XVI promulgated the motu proprio "Summorum Pontificum" ("Of the Supreme Pontiffs," from the first words of the original Latin text), allowing the "old Mass" (the Tridentine Mass of Pope St. Pius V, codified and promulgated in 1570, 440 years ago) to be more freely celebrated throughout the Catholic Church.

And so one period in history of our Church came to an end.

(Some would say that one winter, and that a severe one, came to an end.)

A new springtime had come.

The Pope had long hesitated. In the months before the official promulgation, when the text was known to be already finished, but the date for its publication had not yet been set, officials in Rome close to the Pope confirmed to me that the opposition to this document was intense, and that the Pope was hesitating.

"You must pray for him," I was told.

And then, the Pope took his decision, and issued the document.

Today is the Anniversary of Summorum Pontificum, by Robert Moynihan. Inside the Vatican July 7, 2010. (Read the rest).

See also: Ever Ancient, Ever New: Summorum Pontificum and the young, by George Neumayr. Catholic World Report June 2010.