Friday, November 26, 2010

A Request to Holiday Shoppers

(This is the only 'bleg' you will see -- no emails clogging up your inbox):

As we enter into the Advent season and anticipate the arrival of Christmas, together with the inevitable activity of holiday shopping, those inclined to purchase books online by Pope Benedict XVI are encouraged to do so through The small commission earned through sales from these links go toward the continued costs of hosting this website and maintaining the content of various pages (including our Benedict Blog).

In the interest of fair disclosure: any profits exceeding the bills for this website go toward the "diaper, formula and clothes fund" of the author, which has replaced the "buy-the-author-a-book-or-a-beer" of a decade ago).

Lastly, 10% of the profits will be given to Peter's Pence -- a centuries-old custom of giving a regular annual contribution to the Holy Father.

Thank you,

Christopher Blosser
The Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club